Join Whitewater Chorus!

My chorus experience at whitewater was always full of life and I always felt like my choir family was there for me.

—Autumn Sylvester

The Whitewater Chorus Program consists of four different curricular ensembles: Whitewater Singers (Intermediate Women’s Chorus), Jubilate (Advanced Women’s Chorus), Camerata (Intermediate and Advanced Men’s Chorus), Chorale Women (Mastery Women’s Chorus). Rising 9th graders will either be placed in Whitewater Singers or Camerata. All other prospective members should complete a placement exam in order to be placed in the most appropriate choral ensemble. Students who do not wish to complete a placement exam have the option of singing in Whitewater Singers or Camerata.


Placement Exams Date/Location

Placement exams occur each year before Fayette County Schools Spring Break. Current High School students will complete their placement exam during school and/or after school. Students new to WHS Chorus should contact the director to set up their placement exam.

Registering for Classes

Class registration at Whitewater High School takes place before Placement Exams have been completed. In order to account for this, all students will register for Intermediate Women’s or Men’s Chorus. After placement exams, singers will be moved to the proper ensemble.